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Refer a business and earn £100 in tokens

Earn a cheeky 20 tokens (worth £100) for you and your friends simply by recommending us. 

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How does it work?


1) Recommend us to a business you know who would benefit from our flexible workspace platform.

2) They include your email address as their referrer when they register with us.

3) Once they've bought 100 tokens, we'll credit both your and their account with an extra 20 tokens.

Full T&Cs can be found here.

Need a helping hand?


Here's an easy template you can send:


I've been using a company called Tally Market to easily book flexible workspace for me and my team and I thought you might benefit from their service. They have thousands of great coworking venues available on their platform and you can book desks, meeting rooms and private offices by the day.

If you register and include my email address in the 'Referred by' field, then once you've bought 100 tokens, they'll give us both an extra 20 each (worth £100).